New Truth About Hybrid War

A military journalist and writer Sergei Loiko, who is also the author of such bestsellers as “Airport” and “The Flight”, has presented a new documentary film called “The Hybrid History” in Kyiv last week. The film is a research of the methods of Russian hybrid war, according to Mr. Loiko. The movie was premiered on March 15-17 on the Ukrainian TV, moreover, it has already appeared on the YouTube website.

Sergei Loiko said at the press-conference, dedicated to the film presentation, that briefings of Ukrainian Security Service Chief Vasyl Hrytsak, concerning one of special operations held by Russian special forces in Ukraine in August 2017, became the impetus for the research.

“When I read about Hrytsak’s briefing and then watched the video I thought this story was a fiction… The story was about three Ukrainians, former ATO soldiers, who had being fighting for their Motherland with weapons in their hands, and suddenly went to Moscow to work. In Russia they were supposed to be used “behind the scenes”. Russian FSB planned to further accuse those men in preparing large-scale terrorist attacks at the objects of critical infrastructure in Moscow”.

Nowardays, those soldiers are the witnesses in a court case and the woman who hired them has been arrested.

It’s normal practice for Russian security forces to disseminate fake stories about “training terrorists in Ukraine in order to send them to Russia for preparing terrorist attacks”.

Sergei Loiko also shared his intention to write the book, using the movie plot. “I’ll start to work on the book in September. I’m gathering some additional materials. It is going to be a nonfiction, with imaginary heroes, but based on actual events” – said the journalist.

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