Ukrainian expat community: under the pressure of Russian propaganda and secret services

Ukrainian expat community is a huge and united part of Ukrainian world that resists to “Russkiy Mir” “Russian World” ideology, that`s why Moscow sows discord within the Ukrainian expats.

Russia does all the best to hide its aggressive nature, pretending to be a peacekeeper and a humanist. It is a characteristic feature of the “hybrid war”, that poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the whole civilized world.

During the meeting with V.Groisman, Prime-minister of Ukraine, Eugene Czolij, the President of Ukrainian World Congress, said: “Russian Federation is trying to assure the Western world that there is an internal conflict in Ukraine. In fact, it is not only a Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is an international crisis. And Ukraine, protecting its borders, defends Europe and the whole world”.

The war in Ukraine, global problems, economic crisis united the foreign Ukrainians and they proved once again that they are concerned with the destiny of their Motherland. This even factor became particularly important for Moscow, because they understood that Ukrainian diaspora is a big, strong and collaborative part of Ukrainian world, that`s why it must be destroyed. For such a purpose, the Kremlin always finds money. For example, they give bribes to “necessary” people and establish puppet organizations, which conducts proRussian policy among Ukrainian communities abroad.

There are many bright examples of such activity in the countries with a large amount of Ukrainians. For instance, the situation in Portugal is very difficult, because there are many proRussian Ukrainians, who work for the Kremlin consciously or unconsciously.

Pavlo Sadoha, the Head of Association of the Ukrainians in Portugal, said that Moscow secret agents created a FB blog “Ukrainians in Portugal” and added new members of groups, in the majority of cases even without their approval. In a week, they gained 1600 members!

He mentioned that at first the topics in the group were neutral: commerce, rest, social questions. “But when Ukraine got free-visa regime, moderators published an article about how the Ukrainians were in a crazy hurry to cross the border (with corresponding ironical comments). That moment I understood that it was an information technology and reacted in a proper way”.

It turned out to be that one of the main instrument of Russian secret services abroad is the so-called “Coordination council”. Such Councils appear in every country where strong Ukrainian communities conduct activities or noticeable migration processes take place.

Without any doubt, diaspora and patriots of Ukraine should work harder to neutralize hostile propaganda, using all possible information resources, explaining the deceitful and aggressive nature of Russian government policy to the world community.


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