A Suspect of Kateryna Handziuk’s Murder Extradited to Ukraine

Amid drastic reformation process taking place in Ukraine, the question of the SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) reform is one of the main priorities of the new government. Despite the absence of a new law on the SBU, the security service has improved its methods, what we may observe during the investigation of the murder of Kateryna Handzyuk.

Thus, the suspect in organizing the activist’s murder, Oleksiy Moskalenko (Levin), was brought to Ukraine from Bulgaria as part of a request for extradition, on March 16, according to the SBU.

In accordance with the established procedure, the National Bureau of Interpol took the suspect and handed him over to SBU and Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. After his arrival to Ukraine, Moskalenko (Levin) is to be placed to temporary detention facility. The form of detention will be chosen in the nearest future.

SBU chief Ivan Bakanov believes that Levin’s return marks a quick resolution for Handziuk’s murder, committed in 2018.

“As I promise, we’re confidently moving towards putting the final dot on the Kateryna Handziuk case. This is a fundamental issue for us. And this extradition of the suspect will speed up the final investigations into her murder. We have to make this case an example – everyone who commits a crime will face justice,” said Ivan Bakanov.

The suspect – Levin – was detained in January on the territory of Bulgaria as a result of joint special operation of the Bulgaria law enforcement, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The suspect escaped from Ukraine in August, 2018, and he was afterwards put on international wanted list. As the SBU previously reported, allegedly, Levin is a key figure, who ties together the executors (“Torbin group”) and those, who ordered the assault. The investigation claims that Levin encouraged Torbin to make the assault and provided the necessary information, in particular, Kateryna Handziuk’s address.

Hopefully, now there is a strong possibility that the case will be resolved successfully and all those involved in the murder are to be punished.

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