Canada reacted to the situation concerning IMAX activity in Crimea

The Embassy of Ukraine to Canada has appealed to Canadian authorities and IMAX Headquarters in Toronto in order to clear up weather the activity of Saturn IMAX cinema in Yalta (Crimea) violates the regime of the Crimean sanctions, – according to Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada Andry Shevchenko. He also added that Ukrainian diplomats expected the clarification of the situation soon.


The Embassy of Canada to Ukraine, in its turn, assured that possible activity of IMAX company in Crimea would be revised by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada Border Services Agency.


Earlier this year Canada announced the preparation of new restrictions against Russia, providing the enlargement of the sanctions list with a number of Russian officials, members of terrorist organizations and accessories of Crimean invaders.



IMAX is a proprietary system of high-resolution cameras, film formats, film projectors, and theaters owned by IMAX Corporation, Canada. The annual turnover of the corporation is quite considerable, in the range of $1 billion, and is constantly growing. According to the experts, the Canadian company has the highest reputation and is one of the most promising in the industry. The studio makes a film using the unique equipment of the Corporation. In other cases, the company adjusts a standard film copy, and only then the film is sent to the IMAX cinema

Rental licenses in Ukraine are issued only for films dubbed in the Ukrainian language. Meanwhile, Saturn cinema receives copies in Russian that could be delivered to the peninsula from Russian territory only, while IMAX CORP designates the Yalta cinema as Ukrainian one.



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