Sea Breeze – 2019

Ukrainian-American drills called « Sea Breeze – 2019 » will start on July 1 in Odesa, Ukraine. The annual exercises will be traditionally held at sea, on land, in the air and underwater.

This year’s innovation will include riverine maneuvering.

According to the drills legend, hostile formations will try to block the access to the sea from the Danube River. The shipboard crew of the Maritime Border Guard detachment will be tasked to escort civilian transport vessels through the entry of the Danube River to the Black Sea.

« This year we are offering a broader maritime security component. For the second year now, we are planning to hold international exercises on the Danube River together with our Romanian counterparts. We also plan to conduct several joint border patrolling drills with representatives of the coast guard of Georgia during their visit in the port of Odesa, » – according to the Chief of regional coastal guards Oleh Kostur.

As it was announced earlier, this year’s military exercises will be held in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa regions until July 12.

« Sea Breeze is an annual multinational maritime exercise, with land, air and amphibious components, and is co-hosted by Ukraine and the United States to enhance interoperability and capabilities among participating forces, » the U.S. said.

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