Is it the end of the Putin era?

The popularity of Vladimir Putin among Russian citizens is rapidly going down. During the last six years his approval rating has decreased from 85.9% to 35%, according to “Levada Center”.

The effect of his so-called “victories” (the annexation of Crimea and Russian presence in Syria), that has worked for Russians for the last five years, is now lost. The “Novorossiya” project failed, and such “achievements” of Russian spies as incidents in Salisbury, Berlin, France, Montenegro and other countries, that are, in fact, international terrorist acts, are no more reasons to be proud of.

Now, propaganda. The incitement of hatred by the Kremlin media has its side effect that is observed on the streets of Russian towns. The level of violence is skyrocketing, especially in the household.

Russia spends huge sums of money on “hot wars” as well as on “hybrid wars” all over the world. It feeds a lot of fake “republics” – Donetsk, Pridnestrovian etc. – instead its own people. Not to mention Russian lobbies in the West.

Fortunately, Russians start to see the light after VAT increase, retirement-age increase and hidden taxes.

It keeps getting worse. Even with 1.3% GDP increase, Russia is lagging behind most Eastern European and post-Soviet countries, according to some Russian experts.

Proceeding from the above, Russian leaders should better reconsider the state policy and watch their own country without poking their noses into other countries’ business.

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