New sanctions package for Russia from Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree which enacts a recently adopted decision to expand sanctions on Russian companies and entities, according to The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

NSDC informed that with the joint initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine, sanctions were imposed on up to 30 legal entities and 14 individuals. Thus, the sanction list now includes 1759 individuals and 786 legal entities.

The additional sanctions were imposed against:

– legal entities involved in the activities of Russian special services in cyberspace (symmetrical to the sanctions imposed by the US on June 11, 2009);

– political parties and public organizations and also individuals involved in the preparation and conduct of illegal elections to the Russian State Duma in annexed Crimea;

– Russian enterprises of military-industrial complex.

For detail information visit the official site of the NSDC:

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