Russia`s ongoing hybrid warfare is gaining momentum

On June 23 Russian media spread a bombshell news story that Russian navy „fired warning shots and Su-24M aircraft carried out a „precautionary bombing along the route of the British destroyer (HMS Defender)“ responding to the intrusion into „Russia’s territorial waters“. Such Russian claims were totally refuted afterwards by the UK Ministry of Defence. The official statement said that there were no warning shots fired at HMS Defender and no bombs were dropped in her path.

The BBC correspondent Jonathan Beale reported from the Defender’s board. He said that some shots had been heard, but they were well out of range. That proved that Russian „threats“ were just a part of information war. The journalist noted that the UK was willing to challenge Russia to uphold international law, but as we all know Russia refuse obstinately to abide by the international law. The official UK position concerning the incident was aired by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman that the destroyer „was conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law“.

Russian President confirmed on Wednesday his fear that the UK and the US were trying to open up military bases on the territory of Ukraine. However, it is Russia who turned a peaceful Ukrainian health resort into a huge military base.

It is obvious that Russia won’t stop its provocative maneuvers amid the Sea Breeze 2021 exercise that started on 28th June 2021 and involved some 32 warships and 40 aircraft from USA, NATO allies and Ukraine. The Kremlin will use every opportunity to challenge the USA and the EU so the world should be prepared to stand up against Russian hybrid warfare measures in information as well as military domain.

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