The Nord Stream 2. Is it a real threat for the world?

The answer is “yes”.

More and more experts presume the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed, following the new sanctions by Biden’s administration that exclude some of the main actors of the project – the Switzerland-based company Nord Stream 2 AG and its CEO, Matthis Warnig. The reason for waiving sanctions is the United States’ unwillingness to harm its relations with Germany, but, at the same time, it compromises Biden`s promises to stand with Ukraine and ensure the security and prosperity of the country.


The Nord Stream 2 sanctions have worked as a deterrent from Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine as well as Central and Eastern European countries. In case the punitive measures are lifted, the national security of these countries will be jeopardized.




Nevertheless, fourteen Republican senators called the Biden`s sanctions strategy “a bad idea” and urged the US President to stop the construction of the pipeline before it undermines the security of Europe and the world.

At the same time, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed that the Nord Stream 2 project meets an unwavering US opposition as it “would weaken European energy security and that of Ukraine and Eastern flank NATO and EU countries”.




The spokesman of Polish government Piotr Müller condemned the decision of Joe Biden’s administration noting that “the construction of Nord Stream 2 is part of a massive geopolitical power play orchestrated by Russia and Germany”. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has also stressed that the project is a dangerous instrument for the whole world. “We do not want Russia to have such an instrument of blackmail against Ukraine and other countries” – he added.




The Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger in his interview for the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency shared the support for Ukraine. He pointed out that his country is interested in keeping this gas transit through Ukraine.


According to the former minister of EU Affairs in Poland Ryszard Czarnecki, there are two urgent tasks for the West to focus on: first – to establish a mechanism for Ukraine and Poland for energy independence and the second is to persuade Germany that the pipeline’s consequences far outweigh the benefits.

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