End of Medvedchuk’s empire

Information work in Russia’s interests is not the only reason for sanctions

New Ukrainian government proved to be more radical than the previous one dealing with the leader of “Opposition Platform — For Life” — Viktor Medvedchuk. Although the party has been backed by the Kremlin since its foundation, it goes through hard times now with the Security Service coming to grips with its activity.

To impose sanctions against Taras Kozak and his TV channels — 112, ZIK and NewsOne — was the first and strategically right decision. The reason is obvious — anti-Ukrainian propaganda and work for Russia. The National Security and Defense Council says that the evidence provided by the Security Service of Ukraine is so hard that the decision on sanctions left no doubt.

Subversive activity in the information field conducted by the restricted channels could be seen by everyone who was able to turn on the TV and analyze. Therefore, it is not surprising that the latest survey carried out by the sociological group “Rating” shows that 72% of Ukrainians approve the sanctions against legal entities and individuals whose activities harm the interests of Ukraine.

The other reason for imposing the above-mentioned restrictions was financing of Medvedchuk’s channels from Russia.

The Security Service found out that Medvedchuk’s TV channels are financed by Donskoi Ugol Trading House LLC from the occupied Luhansk region. It is the region, where the illegal coal mining takes place, with its further disposal in the Russian Federation. The taxes from this activity flowed to the budget of the People’s Republic of Luhansk to support this pseudo-republic. And this is another criminal proceeding called “terrorist financing”.

Based on evidence gathered by the Security Service, the sanctions were applied to two airlines that Medvedchuk used while flying to the Crimea and Russia.

Only some part of Kozak’s property in Ukraine has come under sanctions for now. But the media have already exposed that his “undeclared” civilian wife also has a business in Russia, luxury apartments near the Kremlin and some land in Ukraine.

Many experts noted that the real audience of live broadcasts, which the three TV channels now co-host on YouTube, is about 2–3 thousand people. The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology has already examined the latest party ratings and concluded that the “Opposition Platform — For Life” Party ratings have fallen.

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