Ukrainian film became the Best Feature-length Documentary in the Festival dei Popoli

Ukrainian documentary ‘This Rain Will Never Stop’ by Alina Gorlova won the Best Feature-length Documentary award in the international competition of the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, Italy. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the festival changed its format and was held online

The plot of the film tells us about a twenty-year-old Andriy Suleiman, born to a Ukrainian woman and a Syrian man. As the war in Syria started, he moved with his family to Ukraine, where the young man decided to become a Red Cross volunteer in the Donbass war, waged by Russia against Ukraine. But soon his father passed away, and Andriy had to return to Syria to bury him in his homeland.

This continuous cycle of war and aggression, injuries and tears, distress and intent to deal with it – that is the rain from the documentary’s title, that seems to never end. “The story is about this whole world, not only Andriy. So, each scene has its unique meaning and number and the documentary begins and ends with the name of the chapter – “Zero”,” – said Alina Gorlova.

The film shows all the sorrow and pain of the war that Russia brought to so many countries.

The Kyiv Post informed that “This Rain Will Never Stop” is a co-production of Ukraine, Latvia, Germany and Qatar. Ukraine’s State Film Agency funded much of the film’s budget – Hr 2.2 million ($79,300) out of some Hr 6.5 million ($231,000).

The film premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, on November 19. The documentary is to be released in Ukraine in 2021.

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