Great Russian Encyclopedia to replace Wikipedia

Russia is constantly trying to deprive its people from alternative sources of information. This time it’s going to “prevent” them from some fictional “Western threats” coming from the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed last year to replace the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which is “unreliable”, with an electronic version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia (GRE) – the successor to the Soviet Union’s main encyclopedia and the main manual on propaganda, controlled by Russian government.

The GRE print version is a universal Russian encyclopedia, completed in 36 volumes, published between 2004 and 2017 by Great Russian Encyclopedia, JSC. From April 2016, an electronic version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia is available, with 12,000 articles at launch.

The funny (or not so funny) fact is that the encyclopedia will not allow ordinary user to edit its articles because it will be up to a “group of experts”. So, the censorship will never die in Russia.

It was earlier announced that Russia also plans to create a nationwide intranet that would disconnect Russians from the rest of the world. This will allow Russian special forces to have a total control over the information that flows through the Russian information space.

It is also worth noting that the GRE may cost Russian taxpayers about 2 bln rubles ($30 mln) during the years 2020-2022.

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