The truth about Anna Yaroslavna

Few days ago a Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Dmytro Shymkiv reacted in his post on Facebook to insane statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin about “Russian” Anna Yaroslavna, the Queen of France.
“My dear French friends, Russian president Putin tried to mislead you today – Anne de Kiev, Reine de France is from Kiev (contemporary name – Kyiv), not Moscow (Moscow did not even exist by that time)” – wrote Mr. Shymkiv.


He also stressed that Ukrainian community in France plays active role in commemorating Anna in Senlis, a commune in the Oise department in northern France, where the queen founded The Royal Abbey of St. Vincent.
Shymkiv payed attention to the sign of Grand prince of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise (Anna`s father) which represents the trident – a modern coat of arms of Ukraine.

Earlier on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise was “Russian.”
Anna was born between 1024 and 1032. Her parents were Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod, and Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden. On 19 May 1051 she became a wife of King Henry I Capet.
It`s worth mentioning that Moscow (the capital of Russian Federation) was founded approximately a hundred years after this in about 1147 and at that time it was just a minor town on the western border of Vladimir-Suzdal Principality of Kievan Rus’.


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