“Russia turns from a reliable partner of the European society into a state, endangering its neighbors”


“Russia turns from a reliable partner of the European society into a state, endangering its neighbors”, said Latvian Member of the European Parliament Sandra Kalniete (Group of the European People’s Party) in her opening remarks during the report on Russia.

In her interview for DW Sandra Kalniete informed that nothing has actually changed after release of the first report on Russia in 2014. She also stressed that the situation has already deteriorated. Therefore, the aim of the new resolution is to provide insight into the real state of things and to find the communication channels that can be supported or promoted.

Latvian politician also commented that since 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimean peninsula and its aggression in Eastern Ukraine, the attitude of the European Parliament toward Russia had changed.

The author of the resolution insists that Russia must be a responsible member of the international community; it must adhere to international law, address the Crimean issue, implement Minsk Agreements and stop meddling in EU member states’ domestic affairs (using such means of hybrid war as meddling in elections, brainwashing and fake news). On the other hand, Sandra Kalniete acknowledges that the EU is willing to cooperate with civil society of Russia and protect those whose rights are violated – being them political prisoners, kidnapped foreigners or even famous opposition leaders.

The authors of the report call for termination of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Russia, that has been in force since 1997, assuming that there is no sense in it in current circumstances. They also insist to stop the Nord Stream-2 project as it is considered to harm the interests of Ukraine and cut off gas transit through the country. There is no economic need in the Nord Stream-2, moreover, this project poses grave ecological threat, according to European politicians.

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