«Dead souls» praise Putin?

Presidential campaign in Russia started with an unprecedented scandal. This time, Russian users of social networking website «Vkontakte» announce sudden revival of the accounts of deceased people which reposted laudatory messages to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Public discontent of such pro-government propaganda can be seen in many Russian Internet communities. It arose after those communities started receiving suggestions to agitate for Vladimir Putin`s press-conference on December 14th under the hashtag #ПутинКрут (meaning #CoolPutin). According to Russian media, pro-Putin organization «Young Guard of United Russia» is responsible for disseminating this propaganda.

The people whose accounts were used to share those messages appeared to be dead, according to claims of their friends and relatives. Indeed, those accounts were full of posthumous goodbyes, addressed to the deceased, and condolences to their families.

The press-service of «Vkontakte» announced that all the accounts had been hacked and they are blocked now.

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