Russian propaganda federal spending is the biggest in the world

Russia heads the list of countries with the largest state spending on propaganda. In 2017, total amount of financial assistance of pro-government Russian media reached record-breaking 70 bln rubles.

Just to compare, in 2016, 61 bln rubles was appropriated from the state budget for the Russian media.

It was told by the TV channel “Dozhd” with a reference to Forbes and data from the register of subsidies.

Mass media gets money from the subsidies on executing government contracts or on special tasks.

The majority of money is spent on All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK). The subsidy on this media-holding is 21,8 bln rubles. The next is Russia Today that gets 17,5 bln rubles.

The funds also go to the shooting of programs and films. During 2 years, VGTRK has been receiving 85 mln rubles per year for the program “Vesti”.

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