The price of FIFA-2018 is blood, sweat and tears of guest workers!

During the entire 2017 the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation reports about enchanting achievements in the preparation for the 2018 World Cup in football, throwing dust in the eyes of the Russian government, its fellow citizens and international observers.

As it is known, the active construction of the football stadium “Rostov-Arena” for 45 thousand seats has been going on since 2015, which would bring a holiday of football to the residents of the city of Rostov-on- Don and guests of the southern capital of Russia.

The general contractor, JSC “Crocus International” has built load-bearing structures and roofing, installed the stands, laid the modern covering of the football field ahead of schedule and everything would be OK, if not for these BUT…

— the stadium was actually built on the project and working documentation drawn from the 2003 stadium in Portugal;

— a formal technical inspection of the performance of works by construction contractors led to massive disruptions in technologies for reinforced concrete works (insufficient amount of rolled metal in concrete structures and use of improper type of concrete have led to subsidence of the ground, cracks on bearing structures of the stands), as well as high-altitude work (led to defects of the roof – cracks and sagging of metal structures, and as a result – precipitation);

— the drainage of groundwater was not designed at all (the high level danger of flooding);

— the systems of fire extinguishing and ventilation have been installed by organizations which do not have the experience of performing job at such level, local organizations were involved in the work, while using unauthorized equipment;

— inadequate control over the quality of materials, products and equipment used during the construction works, as well as the direct intention of contractors to “cut” federal funds, led to the usage of cheap Russian-made analogues.

There is no point in stopping at each fact, there are relevant competent authorities that, if they have “desire” and “political will”, can check the readiness of the object for holding international competitions.

At the same time, according to our source, which has was providing the workforce for “Rostov-Arena” project, if not for the labor migrants from the interior of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, the construction would be still at the foundation level. Their selfless work, outside the labor regulatory framework without labor contracts, with a “gray salary” and lack of special protection gear for performing works of increased danger, lack of safety control by contractors and subcontractors has resulted in the death of 13 people and in the injuries of more than 75 people. In most cases, the violation of safety rules while working under increased danger circumstances, resulting in human injuries, have been withheld … Sometimes, seriously injured workers from the number of labor migrants simply disappeared with their fate remaining unknown.

We managed to talk to one of the workers, a resident of the city of Amvrosievka in Donetsk region. In an open conversation, Alexander, as the man has introduced himself, said that he has been working on the construction site of the stadium for more than 6 months, he has arrived as part of the team of 25 people, he lives in one of the hostels of the suburb of Rostov-on- Don with his countrymen. The work schedule is 12 hours a day, one day off every two weeks, the salary is given “hands-to- hands” with a one month delay, and its amount is a “commercial secret”.

Upon relaxing a little bit, Alexander told with a note of anxiety in his voice that he had “hot” disputes with the locals, about the fact that he and his countrymen represent cheap labor, which drives the local price of labor down. His annoyed response to this was that he would be happy to receive more but the “employers” simply do not give more! At home, the family is waiting for Alexander, in the hope that father will bring gifts and buy children clothing and footwear for school.

According to the guys who, during day and night in the cold and hot weather, despite the pain, dislocations, fractures, falls, are obsessive to earn a “penny”, the unofficial slogan of the 2018 World Cup in football should sound like this: “Russia is with us, and Trouble Does Not Matter – On Blood, Sweat, and Tears Russia is the First Forever!”.

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